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Sex, lies and Twitter

Jan 24

Last week we got a new follower in Twitter, Alena Edwards:

No tweets so far, the only information about “her” is the message in her profile, where she’s looking for funny guys and gives us a link. Probably it is a spammer, but instead of tweeting links just put the spam link in the profile description. So let’s see what happens when we go there:

It looks like the typical dating site, maybe not for regular relationships but for more spicy moments… It is awesome the number of hot girls that are alone looking for some friends ;) take a look at some of the pictures I could see there:

After checking there were no exploits, etc. I tried to get some more info about that domain, and this is what I got:

So the site was created the day before Alena started following us. Then I created a email address to register in the site,  filling all the fields. Once I did it I was registered, but not for that domain I was in, but for a new one, called XXXBlackBook. I was told I was going to receive an email from them to activate my account, so I went to check my inbox and I had the message:

Once I did it I could access as a regular member to the site. In the same website you have an inbox where other members can send you messages, and in a few minutes I got a new one:

To follow my research, I clicked on the message to take a look at it, but sadly I got this:

So you can get messages but to read them you have to upgrade to a silver or gold account… and it is not cheap:

When I took my credit card my wife came to the room and I had to stop the research ;)

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  1. Derek says:

    So how do you go about getting rid of followers like this? I’ve seen some of this with my personal twitter feed and the one I do for my organization.

  2. Alanfort says:

    you cant getting rid of from e-whore users and shitty followers


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