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Saint Valentine: tips to avoid falling victim to computer threats

Feb 12

I do not want to bore you to death, just a few tips on the topic ;)

-       Do not run attached files that come from unknown sources. Stay on alert for files that claim to be Valentine Day’s greeting cards, romantic videos, etc.

-       Do not open emails or messages received on social networks from unknown senders.

-       Do not click any links included in email messages, even though they may come from reliable sources. It is better to type the URL directly in the browser. This rule applies to messages received through any mail client, as well as those in Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks or messaging applications, etc. If you do click on any such links, take a close look at the page you arrive at and if you don’t recognize it, close your browser.

-       Even if the page seems legitimate, but asks you to download something, you should be suspicious and don’t accept the download. If you download and install any type of executable file and you begin to see unusual messages on your computer, you have likely been infected with malware.

-       If you are making any purchases online, type the address of the store in the browser, rather than going through any links that have been sent to you. Only buy online from sites that have a solid reputation and offer secure transactions, encrypting all information that is entered in the page.

-       Do not use shared or public computers, or an unsecured WiFi connection, for making transactions or operations that require you to enter passwords or other personal details.

-       Have an effective security solution installed, capable of detecting both known and new malware strains.

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