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False positive to distribute false antivirus, isn’t it ironic?

Apr 22
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Any excuse is a good excuse to distribute malware… this is what cyber-crooks may think, as they have used McAfee false positive to carry out BlackHat SEO attacks.

In fact, if you make a search using any of the following group of keywords, you’ll probably be surprised:

Mcafee Update

Mcafee Virus

Mcafee 5958

Mcafee Virus Scan Free Download

Mcafee Virus Protection Free Download

Mcafee Virus Library

Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise

Mcafee Virus Definition

Mcafee Virus Database

Mcafee Virus Removal

Mcafee Virus Scan Plus

Mcafee Virus List

Svchost.exe Virus

W32 Wecorl.a McAfee

The results displayed can redirect you to websites from which the false antivirus detected as Adware/CleanUpAntivirus is downloaded.


Many users have been affected by this issue, so they will probably use search engines to find a solution. That’s why cyber-crooks are taking advantage of this.

We recommend all the affected users who want to know how to solve this incidence to access McAfee’s  website directly and not to look for information using the search engines, at least, for the moment.

Update: Brian Krebs has published a similar post

Update 11:08 a.m. ET: Panda Security just published a similar post which also includes some screenshots of the rogueware web site.

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  • (4) Comments



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