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Mar 5


PowerLocker, also called PrisonLocker, is a new family of ransomware which in addition to encrypting files on the victim’s computer (as with other such malware) threatens to block users’ computers until they pay a ransom (like the ‘Police virus’). Although the idea of ​​combining the two techniques may have caused more than a few sleepless […]

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Feb 26

Password stores… Candy for cyber-crooks?

I am sure than more than once you have used the same password for different websites. Imagine that one of those websites stores your password on their internal servers. You won’t have to squeeze your imagination for that as, unfortunately, that’s common practice. Now, imagine that those servers are attacked by a group of hackers […]

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Feb 24

Android users under attack through malicious ads in Facebook

Cyber-criminals are always trying to attract people’s attention in order to carry out their crimes. So it should be no surprise that they have now found a combined way of using Facebook (the world’s largest social network), WhatsApp (the leading text messaging program for smartphones, recently bought by Facebook) and Android (the most popular operating […]

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Nov 28

FakeAV + Ransomware = Windows Expert Console

During the last months we have been talking mainly about police virus infections, and more recently about CryptoLocker, the new major ransomware family. However that doesn’t mean that our good “old friends” known as FakeAV aren’t around. Fake antivirus have been infecting users for years and they have not disappeared,  although it is true they […]

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Nov 12

Panda Security Answer to Bits of Freedom Open Letter

Bits of Freedom is an international coalition of civil rights organizations and security experts who has recently published an open letter (https://www.bof.nl/live/wp-content/uploads/Letter-to-antivirus-companies-.pdf) where they ask antivirus companies for transparency and ask 4 direct questions. To address their concern, which we believe is also shared by many citizens, we want to answer this questions here:   […]

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Nov 11


CryptoLocker is a new family of ransomware whose business model (yes, malware is a business to some!) is based on extorting money from users. This continues the trend started by another infamous piece of malware which also extorts its victims, the so-called ‘Police Virus’, which asks users to pay a ‘fine’ to unlock their computers. […]

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Feb 22

A look back at cyber-security in 2012

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Feb 21

Police Virus Infections On The Rise

Last week I congratulated Spanish National Police for the fantastic job done that took down a cybercrime gang that was using the known “police virus”, but I already pointed out that this was not going to be the end of this threat, as most likely there were a number of different gangs using the same […]

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Feb 14

Operation Ransom: Police Virus authors arrested

Today, we have some important news to share with you. Our friends in the Technological Investigation Brigade of Spain’s National Police,  together with Europol and Interpol, have dismantled the cyber-crime ring responsible for the “Police Virus”. According to the news release published by Spain’s Ministry of Home Affairs, the police have arrested ten members of […]

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Feb 12

Saint Valentine: tips to avoid falling victim to computer threats

I do not want to bore you to death, just a few tips on the topic -       Do not run attached files that come from unknown sources. Stay on alert for files that claim to be Valentine Day’s greeting cards, romantic videos, etc. -       Do not open emails or messages received on social networks from […]

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