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Mar 6

Where is the lulz now?

Really good news. I have just read that LulzSec members have been arrested and that their main head Sabu has been working as an informant for the FBI. It turns out he was arrested last year, and since then he has been working with Law Enforcement. As I said, really good news Will this mean […]

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Jan 20

Megaupload and the cybercrime fight

As most of you already now, yesterday Megaupload was closed by the FBI, accused of “copyright infringement”. You can read FBI’s press release here where the details of the case are explained, and you can see how each accused person in this case could face 50 years jail time. We should be concerned, as the […]

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Dec 6

Operation:Payback broadens to “Operation Avenge Assange”

==> Get up to the minute attack updates here <== The organizers behind the anonymous group responsible for Operation:Payback are in the midst of refocusing their campaign to assist WikiLeaks in their quest to release classified government documents. The following statement was made available on their website late Sunday afternoon: Wikileaks have been down because […]

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Dec 4

‘Tis the Season of DDoS – WikiLeaks Edition

Scroll to the bottom for the latest updates… DDoS attacks are flying across the Internet like there is no tomorrow.  Just a few days ago, a hacktivist operating under the handle “th3j35t3r” decided to single-handedly take down the Wikileaks website with a DoS tool of his (or their) own creation.  He issued a statement on […]

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