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Oct 26

Firesheep: who is eating my cookies?

Internet is great, and everyday millions of people spend their day surfing it, using Google, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some people buy at ebay, or Amazon. Even some people use it to work, though these cases maybe not that common As a reader of this blog, you are concerned about security and therefore you […]

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Sep 13

“Here you have” worm attack could have been lauched from Spain

Last Friday, Sean-Paul published a blog post talking about a worm that was been distributed over a brief 24 hour period. The worm known as “Here you have” was the 2nd variant of a worm, which appeared more than a month ago, and one of its characteristics was that the from address in the message […]

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Sep 2

Chilean miners tragedy used to distribute malware

We want to warn you of a Banker Trojan that is using the news of the miners trapped in Chile to be distributed and infect users. It has been detected as Banbra.GUC. The malicious file reaches the computer with the following icon: When this file is run, the Internet Explorer browser is opened showing a […]

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Jul 16

Dissecting a BlackHat SEO attack

Each and every day we see new black hat SEO attacks, where criminals poison search engine results to spread malware. Today we were researching yet another attack, with some world cup terms targeted: When clicking on one of these malicious results, you go to a Youtube-like web: As usual, it will tell you that you […]

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Apr 12

YouTube? no, Just a Tube

It seems that YouTube has plenty of imitators… It’s not the first time we see websites that try to pass themselves off as this successful site with malicious intentions. In this case, we’ve come across a website called Just a Tube, which has a very similar appearance with the legitimate website: However, unlike the real […]

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Feb 1

Spam using Twitter and Youtube

Spam is something that we see on a daily basis. Everyday thousands of unwanted e-mails arrive to our mailboxes. We have seen them in all kind of flavours. Plain text, html, instant messaging, images, pdf, even in MP3. Users are able to learn, so usually when we know that a message is spam, we don’t […]

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Jun 3

Cyber Criminals Target Air France, YouTube, E3, Microsoft, Project Natal, and more…

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It seems like these days every other news breaking story is paralleled with a similar Blackhat SEO fueled Rogueware campaign. Today, Luis Corrons and I were talking about Microsoft’s recently announced Project Natal when his Google search for a video of the technology in action turned out to place a malicious link in the very […]

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May 22

YouTube riddled with comments leading to Malware

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A few months ago, we talked about YouTube's Annotations feature being used as a tool for Cyber Criminals to help spread their malicious Rogueware campaigns. Today, we have a similar case, but this time its automated comment Malspam (Malware spam). My initial search turned up about 30,000 malspam comments all pointing to a fake pornography […]

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Mar 25

How To: Infect yourself with Malware

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Last time we talked about cyber criminals using YouTube's Video Annotations feature to guide victims to Malware ridden websites.  Today we'll talk about yet another method being used within YouTube and other social media websites.   Malware distributors have been creating instructional "How to" videos to get victims to willingly visit malicious websites and infect their […]

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Feb 26

Malware in Social Media

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A few weeks ago we talked about cyber-criminals using Digg.com to spread malware. Today we see that the very same group responsible for the Digg.com incident was using the same tactic on YouTube through the use of YouTube's Annotations feature. Video Annotations is a way to add interactive commentary to videos on YouTube. The following […]

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