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Sep 13

“Here you have” worm attack could have been lauched from Spain

Last Friday, Sean-Paul published a blog post talking about a worm that was been distributed over a brief 24 hour period. The worm known as “Here you have” was the 2nd variant of a worm, which appeared more than a month ago, and one of its characteristics was that the from address in the message […]

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Sep 10

“Here you have” worm linked to cyber jihadists

A worm collectively dubbed by the security industry as the “Here you have worm” has been making its way onto corporate networks over the past 24 hours.  The worm arrives via e-mail using the subject line “Here you have” or “Just For you“ along with an executable disguised as a PDF file.  The worm is […]

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Jun 23

Infecting the iPad }:-)

Last year we witnessed the first infection that affected devices based on the iPhone operating system, it was the worm iPhone/Eeki. We wrote a blog post explaining how the worm worked, and prepared a video where you could see how it was infected and how it was distributed from an iPhone to an ipod Touch. […]

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May 28

Remembering old times…

Gone are the days when malware creators mainly looked for fame and notoriety without causing  much damage to the users’ computers. Nowadays it seems that obtaining financial gains at all costs is the only thing that really matters, going as unnoticed as possible to avoid users’ and antivirus companies’ awareness. I started to miss those […]

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Apr 26

Which languages can malware speak?

Malware usually uses English to “communicate” with the affected computers and users, just as people use it to communicate with people from other countries. Of course, this is not always like that, as there is malware specifically designed to affect a certain country, such as the Trojans belonging to Banbra family, which only affects users […]

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Feb 15

Worms 2.0

I love my job, and one of the main reasons is that everyday I see something new or at least different. I am always surprised on how the cybercriminals are able to adapt themselves and their creations to new technologies. Today I’ll show you the worm Spybot.AKB. It spreads using P2P programs (copying itself to […]

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Dec 10


We have created a video on how the iPhone/Eeki worm targeting iPhones works. You can see it here: As you can see in the video, this malware first checks it is not already running on the device. To do so, it checks whether the following file exists: /var/lock/bbot.lock This may help you know if you […]

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Aug 13

Koobface: The saga continues

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The gang behind the Koobface worm has been hard at work in releasing the next iteration of their worm. We've already identified over 60 active domains spreading the content through the usual method of posting a message linking to a "CooooL Video" on Facebook. Sample malspam: After clicking the link, the victims are automatically redirected […]

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