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Apr 26

The Importance of Strong Passwords on Social Media

Last Tuesday, April 23, the Twitter account of the Associated Press news agency was hacked and sent out a hoax tweet reporting that President Barack Obama had been injured by an explosion in the White House. Within seconds, Wall Street was in panic mode and US stock plunged. Situations like this illustrate once again the […]

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Mar 6

Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft… who is left?

If we had to elaborate a list with the top tech companies who have being hacked in the last weeks, we should include all the ones in the title of this blog post, and maybe a few more cases we are still not aware of. The first one was Twitter. On February 1st Twitter published […]

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Jan 30

How to find out if you are receiving malware on Twitter

Social networks are actively used by cybercriminals to spread malware. The most common type of attacks in Twitter usually show the same behaviour: 1.- You get a Direct Message (DM) from one of your contacts, with a shortened link. 2.- You click on the link. 3.- Any (or even all) of the following options will […]

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Jan 24

Sex, lies and Twitter

Last week we got a new follower in Twitter, Alena Edwards: No tweets so far, the only information about “her” is the message in her profile, where she’s looking for funny guys and gives us a link. Probably it is a spammer, but instead of tweeting links just put the spam link in the profile […]

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Dec 16

Twitter used for Rogueware Distribution

Cyber criminals are using social media more frequently to distribute their malicious creations. Pft! As if Blackhat SEO, fake advertisements, and hacked websites weren’t enough?! Today we’ll take a look at a Rogueware campaign using Twitter for distribution.  Several fake profiles (and compromised ones too) started tweeting “a very good antivirus” followed by a shortened […]

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Dec 2

Dont Get Caught by the Grinch on Twitter

Last year we documented the very first trending topic attack on Twitter.  The attack is similar to a Blackhat SEO campaign, where criminals leverage the many hot topics discussed on the Internet in order to position their malware campaigns in highly visible places on Twitter.   Earlier today we noticed over 300 Twitter accounts targeting various […]

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Oct 26

Firesheep: who is eating my cookies?

Internet is great, and everyday millions of people spend their day surfing it, using Google, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some people buy at ebay, or Amazon. Even some people use it to work, though these cases maybe not that common As a reader of this blog, you are concerned about security and therefore you […]

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Sep 21

OnMouseOver XSS Vulnerability on Twitter

This morning we observed a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack taking place on Twitter.  This particular vulnerability took advantage of the onmouseover function in JavaScript, which works by executing JavaScript code by simply moving your mouse over some text. The following status updates were observed, causing unsuspecting user feeds to fill up with images of […]

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May 20

Twitter used to distribute malware

A new malware has started to spread via the social network Twitter.  The message that is being used is: haha this is the funniest video ive EVER SEEN! and contains a link to a video. Cybercrooks have managed so that this message obtains good positions in Twitter section known as “Trending topics”, which contains the […]

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May 10

Twitter hacked on accident by Turkish man

This morning I logged into my twitter account and noticed something strange.  My Twitter follower count moved from over 5500 followers to zero instantaneously between reloads!   A Turkish man accidentally discovered a bug in Twitter after tweeting about his favorite band “Accept.”  By issuing the tweet, “accept pwnz,” he was able to exploit a bug […]

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