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Sep 3

Back to school sales… or not

Summer is -almost- over, kids are going back to school and we can find many type of offers to buy new computers, software… and cyber-criminals will try to take advantage of this too. Recently we have spotted yet another family of a ransomware (police virus). While the behavior was really similar to other families, in […]

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Feb 6

PandaLabs Annual Report – 2012

Today we are publishing the latest PandaLabs Annual Report, covering the major security news happened during 2012, from mobile malware to cyber-war, covering all major events in different areas such as social netwoks.   We cover also the security trends for 2013, as well as some of the main figures related to malware:     […]

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Jan 30

How to find out if you are receiving malware on Twitter

Social networks are actively used by cybercriminals to spread malware. The most common type of attacks in Twitter usually show the same behaviour: 1.- You get a Direct Message (DM) from one of your contacts, with a shortened link. 2.- You click on the link. 3.- Any (or even all) of the following options will […]

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Jun 14

LinkedIn spam serving Adobe and Java exploits

Today we will be reviewing a cybercriminal’s recipe for success: Hacking LinkedIn’s password (and possibly user-) database. Sending an email to all obtained email addresses, which is urging you to check your LinkedIn inbox as soon as possible. A user unawarely clicking on the link. An exploit gets loaded. Malware gets dropped. Malware gets executed. […]

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Feb 16

Bot shopping with my wife

When my wife told me she had received an email with a purchase confirmation she hadn’t done, my first thought was: How can she even remember what she bought? She buys thousands of clothes online, probably she doesn’t remember it, this wouldn’t be the first time After she told me 1,000 times she had not […]

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Sep 6

Ransomware posing as Microsoft

We’ve found yet another malware piece, this time it is a ransomware to take some of your money. Once you get infected (you can receive it in a number of different ways, most likely via spam messages and P2P), your computer is restarted. What for? Well, the malware installs itself to run every time your […]

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Jul 26

Trojan uses Amy Winehouse death

Last week I was talking about how certain cybercriminals used social engineering techniques in order to spread their creations, and today I can show you yet another good example of this, showing how fast these guys react on any news to take advantage of the buzz.  In this case they are using the recent death […]

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Jul 22

Brazilians, banking Trojans and social engineering

Maybe you don’t know this, but many guys here in the lab can tell you where a banking Trojan is from just taking a look at it for a few seconds. There are a number of different banking Trojan families, but it’s really easy -once you have analyzed thousands of them- to group them by […]

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Jun 13

My take on the IMF hack

This weekend, while the Anonymous people were DDoSing the Spanish Police web site in what they call “peaceful protests” (are they ignorant or just cynical?) another news came out: the International Money Found was hacked, and had been compromised for months. Shocking news As soon as it was made public all media start talking about […]

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Feb 11

I Love.exe You – Happy Saint Valentine’s day

In a few days, the 14th of February, it will be Saint Valentine’s day. Be ready as we will see malware and spam spreading using this topic to click on links and install Trojans in our computers, as usual. In fact cybercriminals have already started; some days ago I came across a file called “Love.exe”, […]

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