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Dec 12

Predictions for 2014

2014 is less than one month away, what better time to ask ourselves about the top security trends to watch for in the coming year. Malware Creation: OK, this won’t sound too original but it is a safe bet to say that malware creation will hit a new record high in 2014. Actually, such was […]

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Jul 1

Summer is here

Despite some of us have already had a small taste of our summer vacation, most people in the northern hemisphere will start theirs very soon, so I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a few tips for you to enjoy your well-deserved rest with complete peace of mind. Before anything else, back up […]

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Jun 3

United Nations, Parents, Global Days, Social Networks… and Security

It turns out that 1st of June is “Global Day of Parents”. When I was told that last week I thought it was some kind of joke, but then I did some research and it was true! This is the deal: United Nations, that lovely organization composed mainly of dictatorships adopted a resolution (passed by […]

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Jan 22

Are passwords dead?

Last Friday my friend Bob McMillan wrote an article on Wired (Google Declares War on the Password) which talks about a research paper Google will publish this month. I don’t know how many times we have mentioned how important it is to choose a good set of passwords, at least 1,000 times We have written […]

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Oct 20

Deobfuscating malicious code layer by layer

Article written by David Sánchez Lavado This post explains how to analyze the malicious code used in current Exploit Kits. There are many ways to analyze this type of code, and you can find tools that do most of the job automatically. However, as researchers who like to understand how things work, we are going […]

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Nov 17

Black(hat) Friday and Cyber(crime) Monday

You may be in for more than you bargained for if you plan on looking for the latest Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals online.  Cyber criminals are quick to capitalize on new opportunities and have already done so by optimizing their Blackhat SEO campaigns to infect those looking for those hot ticket item deals. […]

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Oct 26

Firesheep: who is eating my cookies?

Internet is great, and everyday millions of people spend their day surfing it, using Google, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Some people buy at ebay, or Amazon. Even some people use it to work, though these cases maybe not that common As a reader of this blog, you are concerned about security and therefore you […]

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Aug 27

How to Get Hacked on Facebook

One of the most common scenarios we observe on a daily basis are users coaxed into phishing campaigns and malicious applications on Facebook.  As we interact with our friends and family on social networks, we tend to trust of any and all of the information that appears to be from our “trusted network.”  However, Facebook […]

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Jul 6

Summer tips

Many people are thinking these days in the summer, where we can enjoy life with family and friends our free time, and we can stop worrying about everything … But do we have to worry? Depends on the habits of each one. I recognize I go on holidays with almost all the gadgets I have, […]

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Feb 25

Teaching Some Security. Asking for help!

After yesterday’s epic fail (I’m still laughing) it’s time to do something about users’ education. Many times I wonder which the best approach to education is, and even though writing white papers and all that kind of serious stuff is useful, the average Joe user won’t ever read it. And that’s a fact. So we […]

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