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Aug 31

Java exploits reloaded

As you probably already know, we detected a 0-day vulnerability in Java 1.7 0 whereby the machine could be exploited by any malware for remote code execution. Only users who use this version of Java are were affected . Fortunately, Oracle has released an emergency update to prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of it. One of the means the […]

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Jan 24

Sex, lies and Twitter

Last week we got a new follower in Twitter, Alena Edwards: No tweets so far, the only information about “her” is the message in her profile, where she’s looking for funny guys and gives us a link. Probably it is a spammer, but instead of tweeting links just put the spam link in the profile […]

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Oct 1

iTunes Store Spam Campaign

Right after LinkedIn Spam Campaign, we saw a brand new Spam Campaign impersonating iTunes Store The e-mail appears to arrive from on behalf of iTunes Store and is an exact copy of the official iTunes Store Receipt e-mail. From the email header, From: iTunes Store Subject: Your receipt #155562898256 Date: October 1, 2010 11:01:10 PM […]

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Sep 10

“Here you have” worm linked to cyber jihadists

A worm collectively dubbed by the security industry as the “Here you have worm” has been making its way onto corporate networks over the past 24 hours.  The worm arrives via e-mail using the subject line “Here you have” or “Just For you“ along with an executable disguised as a PDF file.  The worm is […]

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Jul 8

The Fake Car Tax

Last weekend we detected a wave of spam messages used to distribute malware, emails that are still in circulation. It’s an attack mainly aimed  at car owners, as the subject of these emails is about some changes in the car tax. It can reach the computer with any of the following subjects, among others: ***BULK*** […]

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May 13

Making new friends…

I’m very happy because I’ve received a greeting card via email from a new friend, thought it’s not my birthday, my saint’s day or anything like that Look what a nice card I’ve received: Besides, it has been sent from 123greetings, which is a legal website to download and send cards, so it must be […]

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May 4

Spammers, Blogs & New Techniques II

Last week we published a post about the huge amount of spam we receive in the blog and how the antispam filter we’ve installed is helping us to identify which comments are real and which are not. Today we’re going to show you other type of spam comments we’ve received in the last hours. If […]

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Apr 26

Spammers & Blogs, new techniques

One of the things I do everyday is to chek all the comments in the blog, both in the English and the Spanish version. A good thing is that some time ago we installed the Blog Comment Spam Honeypot, so I don’t have to deal with all the spam. Anyway I use to check it, […]

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Apr 13

Sex, lies & spam

I have to admit that even though spam is a waste of time, sometimes it’s really funny to see all those messages in my inbox recommending to enlarge my penis or to buy cheap viagra, and so on -how the hell they find out my needs?!?! But the true is that lately my inbox is […]

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Mar 31

Social engineering, PDFs and banking Trojans

A few days ago our colleague Oscar received an email inviting him to access a Web page by clicking on a link. This is not new. However, on clicking on the link, the following page was displayed (don’t try this at home, kids ): As you can see, the page includes a download window inviting […]

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