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Jan 28

Neymar used as bait to install malware

During the last hours we have detected spam messages containing fake news about the Brazilian football player Neymar da Silva Santos, actually playing at F.C. Barcelona. Neymar has been in the media during the last days for a number of reasons: one due to certain irregularities when he signed up for F.C. Barcelona, and in […]

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Oct 6

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

As you all probably know, Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. These are sad news, and everyone is talking about him and his life as he has achieved so many fantastic things. Social Networks are flooded with quotes from Steve, and all of us have only good words to talk about him. But as you can […]

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Sep 20

The good all scams: new countries, same tricks

This blog post could have been titled also as “A trip from Nigeria to Libya”. Perhaps one of the best-known email scams is the Nigerian letter scam and its many variants. The http://pandalabs.pandasecurity.com/es/wp-admin/post-new.phpinitial email tries to convince recipients that there are several million dollars which cannot legally leave Nigeria unless transferred to a foreign account. […]

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May 20

Western Union entwined with cybercrime?

A few weeks ago I came across several email messages in Spanish purporting to have been sent by Western Union: As you can see, this is a typical message sent as spam that we have seen in many guises. It tries to pass itself off as some kind of official notification from well-known companies -anyone […]

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Apr 9

Google has just rewarded me with $1 million!!

I don’t believe it!! This morning I’ve received an email sent by Google notifying me that I´ve won $950,000,  so I think this will be the last post I’m going to write Well, I haven’t taken part in any promotion of this kind and I’ve never heard that Google gives prizes just like that, but […]

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Feb 1

Spam using Twitter and Youtube

Spam is something that we see on a daily basis. Everyday thousands of unwanted e-mails arrive to our mailboxes. We have seen them in all kind of flavours. Plain text, html, instant messaging, images, pdf, even in MP3. Users are able to learn, so usually when we know that a message is spam, we don’t […]

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Sep 21

Hack MySpace, ICQ, and Vkontakte for $100 (50% discount for Russians)

The Ukrainian Facebook scam we blogged about on Friday has similar campaigns for MySpace, ICQ, and Vkontakte. All of the scam sites are identical in design and require the payment of $100 except for the Vkontakte scam site. Vkontakte is a Russian clone of Facebook and the scam offers to hack Vkontakte profiles for 1500 […]

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Dec 4

From Russia with Love

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This is not the plot of one of the famous films of the James Bond saga, although some scam attempts deserve an Oscar. J You have probably heard of the saying “unlucky at cards, lucky in love” and as I have never won a miserable cent in the lottery, I must be destined to live […]

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