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Jul 4

The Rise of the Ransomware – Police Virus Reloaded

Some of you probably remember this article where I described the huge increase of attacks seen in some countries by malware that was posing as different law enforcement agencies. This kind of malware is called “Police Virus” due to this, and its main purpose (as usual with malware) is to steal money from the users. […]

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Jan 19

The Rise of the Ransomware

In the last months we have seen an increase of ransomware attacks. While the first ones we saw were posing as Microsoft to threaten the user because it had been detected a pirated version of Windows, and in case you didn’t pay the fine they would contact the local law enforcement agencies, the new ones […]

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Nov 30

Fake Cloud AV 2012

There is a new friend in the village. Many people thought that the fake antivirus (aka rogueware) business had decreased, and it was true that for a few months rogueware infections were not that prevalent, mainly due to the efforts made by law enforcement with the help of security companies, but it was a matter […]

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Aug 31

Open Cloud Antivirus

Right after we started Panda’s CI (collective intelligence) project few years back. We decided to provide a community based antivirus program called Panda CloudAntivirus. When all the good guys trying to improve and to keep the community safe. We notice the bad guys are trying to take the opportunity to “sell” their fake antivirus. Earlier […]

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Jan 4

New trick from cybercriminals

Due to the artistic nature of cybercriminals, they never run out of ideas. After using social media, popping up fake-av, hacking into websites… what’s more? We’ve discovered a rogueware campaign using “useable apps” to distribute rogueware. When the victim runs the binary, this rogueware will run and pop up “Installing Flash FLV Player”: Right after […]

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Dec 16

Twitter used for Rogueware Distribution

Cyber criminals are using social media more frequently to distribute their malicious creations. Pft! As if Blackhat SEO, fake advertisements, and hacked websites weren’t enough?! Today we’ll take a look at a Rogueware campaign using Twitter for distribution.  Several fake profiles (and compromised ones too) started tweeting “a very good antivirus” followed by a shortened […]

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Nov 18

Google Instant Can Turn Black Friday into Sad Friday

Remember when I said that Google Instant was a potential security disaster? Well, it turns out that Google’s new Instant Preview feature can help lure innocent victims over to malware campaigns.  Blackhat SEO campaigns work by tricking search engines into displaying malicious search results.  Criminals achieve this a few ways, but the most common way […]

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Nov 17

Black(hat) Friday and Cyber(crime) Monday

You may be in for more than you bargained for if you plan on looking for the latest Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals online.  Cyber criminals are quick to capitalize on new opportunities and have already done so by optimizing their Blackhat SEO campaigns to infect those looking for those hot ticket item deals. […]

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Sep 2

We are good at finding names

We have received this file today. Rogue creators are spending less time creating interface and spending more time to find a new name. Malware name: Adware/MySecurityShield VirusTotal File name: 622ed7d54cbeb06ef977ee111e2b97ddf3f78dd5 Submission date: 2010-09-02 16:09:43 (UTC) Result: 24/ 43 (55.8%) Domain List report.countdom.net update1.best-pc-guardever.com update2.safe-your-pcnow.net Domain Owner Registrant Contact: UIS Garritt Kooken gkook@checkjemail.nl +86.592257788 fax: +86.592257788 […]

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Aug 25

Rogueware on the roll

Quite recently a new rogueware called Advanced Security Tool 2010 entered the scene. This file is being detected as Adware/SecurityTool2010. Besides having a more modern look and a slick interface, it also loads an exploit known as the help center vulnerability. Microsoft has issued a Security Bulletin in July. Preventive measures can be taken by […]

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