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Dec 12

Predictions for 2014

2014 is less than one month away, what better time to ask ourselves about the top security trends to watch for in the coming year. Malware Creation: OK, this won’t sound too original but it is a safe bet to say that malware creation will hit a new record high in 2014. Actually, such was […]

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Nov 26

PandaLabs Quarterly Report – Q3 2013

Today we are publishing the PandaLabs Quarterly Report, covering the major security news happened during the third quarter of 2013. We take a look at the figures, with yet another record on malware creation, and we cover the main security events that have taken place this quarter, such as the appearance of a new major […]

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Jul 1

Summer is here

Despite some of us have already had a small taste of our summer vacation, most people in the northern hemisphere will start theirs very soon, so I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a few tips for you to enjoy your well-deserved rest with complete peace of mind. Before anything else, back up […]

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Feb 6

PandaLabs Annual Report – 2012

Today we are publishing the latest PandaLabs Annual Report, covering the major security news happened during 2012, from mobile malware to cyber-war, covering all major events in different areas such as social netwoks.   We cover also the security trends for 2013, as well as some of the main figures related to malware:     […]

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Aug 31

Java exploits reloaded

As you probably already know, we detected a 0-day vulnerability in Java 1.7 0 whereby the machine could be exploited by any malware for remote code execution. Only users who use this version of Java are were affected . Fortunately, Oracle has released an emergency update to prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of it. One of the means the […]

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Jun 14

LinkedIn spam serving Adobe and Java exploits

Today we will be reviewing a cybercriminal’s recipe for success: Hacking LinkedIn’s password (and possibly user-) database. Sending an email to all obtained email addresses, which is urging you to check your LinkedIn inbox as soon as possible. A user unawarely clicking on the link. An exploit gets loaded. Malware gets dropped. Malware gets executed. […]

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Jan 31

PandaLabs Annual Report – 2011

Today we are publishing the PandaLabs report, where you can enjoy an overview of the main figures and security news that have happened in the last 12 months, as well as some figures. You will see how malware creation hit a new record high in 2011 with 26 million samples, that Trojans continue to be […]

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Dec 15

2012 Security Trends

2011 is coming to an end, so now it’s time to try to see what we have to expect for the next 12 months: Social networks: Social engineering techniques exploiting users’ weaknesses have become the leading attack method in social networks. Trending topics such as the Olympics or the next US Presidential elections will be […]

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Nov 11

Hong Kong, AVAR 2011

Greetings from Hong Kong! This week we are enjoying the security conference AVAR, which is taking place in Hong Kong. Some interesting topics are being covered, such as the talk “Malware in EFI”, where Intel’s Igor Muttik showed us how malware could take advantage of the the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface)  and the challenges we […]

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Oct 4

Greetings from Barcelona

This week I am in Barcelona, where the Virus Bulletin conference is taking place. I will be attending some preVB meetings, such as the AVPD (AntiVirus Product Developers) hosted by ICSA Labs and the WildList meeting, where we’ll talk about some future plans. All the meetings and the conference itself will take place at the […]

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