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Jan 30

How to Steal Credit Cards from Half a Country’s Population

Korea Credit Bureau (KCB), a credit rating company, has been stolen 105.8 million accounts that included credit card details, full name, telephones, home addresses and even passport numbers. Each Korean has an average of 5 credit cards (highest in the world!) which would mean that at least 21 million of Korean citizens have seen how […]

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Jan 28

Neymar used as bait to install malware

During the last hours we have detected spam messages containing fake news about the Brazilian football player Neymar da Silva Santos, actually playing at F.C. Barcelona. Neymar has been in the media during the last days for a number of reasons: one due to certain irregularities when he signed up for F.C. Barcelona, and in […]

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Jan 17

How to avoid becoming a ‘Target’

There is some more information about Target’s data breach we reported last month and how it happened. According to information leaked to Brian Krebs, a web server would have been compromised, and from there a Trojan would have been distributed to Point of Sale (POS) terminals. This malware is specifically designed to work in POS […]

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Dec 30

Credit Card Data Theft, More and More Frequent in Stores

Last December 18th, the well known American retailer Target Corp informed that hackers had stolen data from 40 million credit cards of customers who had bought on their stores during the first days of the Christmas shopping season, from November 27th to December 15th. These cards are now being sold in the black market to […]

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Sep 3

Back to school sales… or not

Summer is -almost- over, kids are going back to school and we can find many type of offers to buy new computers, software… and cyber-criminals will try to take advantage of this too. Recently we have spotted yet another family of a ransomware (police virus). While the behavior was really similar to other families, in […]

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Apr 26

The Importance of Strong Passwords on Social Media

Last Tuesday, April 23, the Twitter account of the Associated Press news agency was hacked and sent out a hoax tweet reporting that President Barack Obama had been injured by an explosion in the White House. Within seconds, Wall Street was in panic mode and US stock plunged. Situations like this illustrate once again the […]

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Mar 6

Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft… who is left?

If we had to elaborate a list with the top tech companies who have being hacked in the last weeks, we should include all the ones in the title of this blog post, and maybe a few more cases we are still not aware of. The first one was Twitter. On February 1st Twitter published […]

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Jan 22

Are passwords dead?

Last Friday my friend Bob McMillan wrote an article on Wired (Google Declares War on the Password) which talks about a research paper Google will publish this month. I don’t know how many times we have mentioned how important it is to choose a good set of passwords, at least 1,000 times We have written […]

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Jan 14

2 solutions for the latest Java vulnerability

Last week a new Java 0-Day was spotted in the wild . In short, anyone with Java installed and enabled in his browser could be easily infected while visiting any website that was using the exploit to take advantage of the latest Java’s security hole. What can we do to protect ourselves? I give you […]

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Jul 4

The Rise of the Ransomware – Police Virus Reloaded

Some of you probably remember this article where I described the huge increase of attacks seen in some countries by malware that was posing as different law enforcement agencies. This kind of malware is called “Police Virus” due to this, and its main purpose (as usual with malware) is to steal money from the users. […]

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