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Jul 27

Solution and Winner of the 2nd Panda Challenge 2010

The Panda Challenge is over. More people have participated in the 2nd challenge, even though it was way more difficult. In fact, as we thought, no one was able to obtain a valid license key for the game. As announced, in this case the winner will be the first one who succeeds in unpacking completely […]

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Jul 24

Panda Challenge 2010 Edition: last challenge up!

Here you have the second challenge, this is more complex and therefore the prize is an iPad with 3G and 64Gb, the most exensive one, just to compensate for the difficulty In order to solve it, you have to create one valid license key for the game. The license key has to be sent to […]

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Jul 19

Solution and Winner of the 1st Panda Challenge 2010

Well, the first challenge has officially come to an end. More than 1000 people downloaded it, though we only received 12 correct answers. Here you have the explanation of the challenge solution detailed by its author, Joxean: The challenge is a crackme consisting in a little virtual machine developed in Free Pascal (http://freepascal.org). This VM […]

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Jul 17

Panda Challenge 2010 Edition: 1st challenge up!

As promised, this 1st challenge is here: 1st-challenge.exe. To solve it, you have to create one valid license key for 999 users of this program. The license key has to be sent to pandachallenge at pandasecurity dot com before next Monday at 17:00 (GMT+2). To avoid any problem with the mail filters, any attachment has […]

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Jul 7

Decoding the United States Cyber Command Seal

If you’re a frequent reader of the PandaLabs blog, then you know that we love creating crypto/crackme challenges.  In fact, we have one coming up shortly.   I came across a Wired article pointing out a certain sequence of characters embedded in the United States Cyber Command seal and wanted to take a stab at it. […]

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Jun 28

Panda Challenge 2010 Edition: Dates & Details

Hope you are enjoying the Fifa World Cup, for me it is a pleasure to go out and have all the cinemas and shops empty while you watch your teams ;)  I’ve been getting suggestions all these days, and it is clear that all of you prefer to have the Panda Challenge happening during the […]

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Jun 10

Spread the word: Panda Challenge 2010 Edition is here!

Ladies and geltlemen, the summer is coming close, so I want to prepare some ‘summer games’ for you. Yes, you are right, I’m talking about the Panda Challenge 2010 Edition. At first my idea was to start the Panda Challenge in a few days, until someone told me that I am one of the only […]

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Jul 13

Panda Challenge: Medium Level

Welcome to the 2nd Panda Challenge. As promised, this will be harder. In the previous one we had more than 1 thousand downloads and just 44 right answers, let's see how this goes. Joxean has been the creator of this challenge. This are the "instructions" that Joxean wants you to know before starting: "To create a […]

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Jun 2

Crypto Challenge

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Those of you who already follow me on Twitter know that every once in a while I throw together a quick, geeky puzzle for everyone to solve. After my last challenge, a few people asked me to make the next puzzle a little bit harder to solve. This meant including a few more steps and […]

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