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Aug 25

Rogueware on the roll

Quite recently a new rogueware called Advanced Security Tool 2010 entered the scene. This file is being detected as Adware/SecurityTool2010. Besides having a more modern look and a slick interface, it also loads an exploit known as the help center vulnerability. Microsoft has issued a Security Bulletin in July. Preventive measures can be taken by […]

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Apr 19

Volcanos, Ashes and Malware

When the volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted causing a chaos in the air traffic, on the one hand I remembered all my colleagues who were in Barcelona at the BlackHat Europe (many of them are still there thanks to the volcano…) and on the other I thought about the typical attacks we see everyday using the search […]

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Mar 5

Metatags in malware websites: II part

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A couple of days ago we mentioned how some creators of websites that host malware add metatags to them, so that they are not indexed by the search robots. Today, we are going to mention the opposite case. Let’s take the following URL as an example: http://malwa<blocked>.com The following tag can be found in the […]

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Mar 3

Metatags in malware websites

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An indexing robot is a program which tracks websites, storing their content in databases and following the links which point to other websites. Rogue antimalware creators don’t usually add tags to the code of their websites or they add them so that the websites are indexed by the robots of the searchers. This way, they […]

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Feb 3

Rogue ScanVirus site impersonates SaaS Anti-Virus

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Today we discovered a new site using an interesting tactic to trick users into infecting themselves with malware. This time the cyber-criminals opted to pretend to be a Software as a Service (SaaS) Anti-Virus solution. The "Scan Virus" website uses several legitimate Anti-Malware logos and badges in order to gain the victims confidence.  Immediately upon […]

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