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Feb 26

Password stores… Candy for cyber-crooks?

I am sure than more than once you have used the same password for different websites. Imagine that one of those websites stores your password on their internal servers. You won’t have to squeeze your imagination for that as, unfortunately, that’s common practice. Now, imagine that those servers are attacked by a group of hackers […]

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Feb 24

Android users under attack through malicious ads in Facebook

Cyber-criminals are always trying to attract people’s attention in order to carry out their crimes. So it should be no surprise that they have now found a combined way of using Facebook (the world’s largest social network), WhatsApp (the leading text messaging program for smartphones, recently bought by Facebook) and Android (the most popular operating […]

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Feb 13

New malware attack through Google Play

Update 17/02/2014: All 4 apps have been removed from Google Play. These are the SHA1 hashes belonging to the 4 apps in case any security researchers need them: b83a180a92fb706e6f120f36cca6ddc43670d55c fce9824f02f6bfb57c685d85a43d4c5c051cc498 af9429cf93a2a569da72c30bf52e0305d95bb7e8 e8868f6b3e4dd76367840214d881873ec42705a6 ************************************   Our Panda Mobile Security research team has found a new threat that has infected at least 300,000 people, although that number […]

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Jan 30

How to Steal Credit Cards from Half a Country’s Population

Korea Credit Bureau (KCB), a credit rating company, has been stolen 105.8 million accounts that included credit card details, full name, telephones, home addresses and even passport numbers. Each Korean has an average of 5 credit cards (highest in the world!) which would mean that at least 21 million of Korean citizens have seen how […]

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Jan 28

Neymar used as bait to install malware

During the last hours we have detected spam messages containing fake news about the Brazilian football player Neymar da Silva Santos, actually playing at F.C. Barcelona. Neymar has been in the media during the last days for a number of reasons: one due to certain irregularities when he signed up for F.C. Barcelona, and in […]

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Jan 17

How to avoid becoming a ‘Target’

There is some more information about Target’s data breach we reported last month and how it happened. According to information leaked to Brian Krebs, a web server would have been compromised, and from there a Trojan would have been distributed to Point of Sale (POS) terminals. This malware is specifically designed to work in POS […]

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Dec 30

Credit Card Data Theft, More and More Frequent in Stores

Last December 18th, the well known American retailer Target Corp informed that hackers had stolen data from 40 million credit cards of customers who had bought on their stores during the first days of the Christmas shopping season, from November 27th to December 15th. These cards are now being sold in the black market to […]

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Dec 12

Predictions for 2014

2014 is less than one month away, what better time to ask ourselves about the top security trends to watch for in the coming year. Malware Creation: OK, this won’t sound too original but it is a safe bet to say that malware creation will hit a new record high in 2014. Actually, such was […]

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Nov 28

FakeAV + Ransomware = Windows Expert Console

During the last months we have been talking mainly about police virus infections, and more recently about CryptoLocker, the new major ransomware family. However that doesn’t mean that our good “old friends” known as FakeAV aren’t around. Fake antivirus have been infecting users for years and they have not disappeared,  although it is true they […]

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Nov 26

PandaLabs Quarterly Report – Q3 2013

Today we are publishing the PandaLabs Quarterly Report, covering the major security news happened during the third quarter of 2013. We take a look at the figures, with yet another record on malware creation, and we cover the main security events that have taken place this quarter, such as the appearance of a new major […]

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